Urgent Action needed on Transportation Climate Initiative!

The Governors of the Northeastern states, including Governors Hogan and Carney, have created the Transportation & Climate Initiative to develop a plan to reduce the sale of gasoline by 30% to reach aggressive, state-mandated caps on emissions.

The plan will upend our industry with new requirements, mandates, and taxes and threatens to destroy hundreds of businesses and thousands of jobs. Our members must consider a response to the plan and policy debate regarding the environmental impacts of gasoline and heating oil. This debate has been playing out on a national stage and is now center stage in Maryland, Delaware and the entire Northeast.

Without a clear response from MAPDA members and allies, this initiative will move forward unchecked.

Here is what you need to know and how we need to act:

Action checklist:

Educate yourself and your company leadership on this critical issue

  • The TCI Proposed plan will slash transportation-sector emissions between 29% to 40% by 2030 by imposing a strict emissions reporting structure and auctioning off allowances for emissions. This cap and trade and trade program for emissions will set allowable emissions in the first year and decline annually thereafter. Read the four-page report here.
  • Topline talking points on this issue
  • Provide comments by November 5th on the proposed plan at TCI Portal.

Ask for support

  • Educate your employees, vendors, allies and elected officials by using the sample communication found here.
  • Ask for their support and comments on the proposed plan

Contact Ellen if you can do more

  • Write letters to the editor or op-eds
  • Speak on media calls.