Who Is MAPDA And Who Belongs:

If you are a company that supplies, services, owns and operates convenience stores or a petroleum, heating oil, or propane distributor, MAPDA membership should be part of your business plan.

MAPDA is an association of convenience stores and energy distributors. From gas, coffee, food, heating oil and propane we feed and fuel the Maryland, Delaware and District of Columbia’s economy. Dating back to 1946, MAPDA has become a strong and respected trade association that provides numerous services and education for its members. Its unified voice has become respected among legislators, government officials, industry leaders, and representatives of the business community throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region.

The Importance of Having A Strong Trade Association:

In today’s growing maze of new laws, regulations, and workplace mandates it has become MAPDA’s number one priority to bring a strong voice to public opinion and lawmakers and regulators in Maryland, Delaware and the District of Columbia. There is strength in numbers and time and time again we have seen the importance of having an active membership and the impact of grassroots involvement to an issue outcome.


  • Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy in MD, DE and DC
  • PMAA Affiliation – Federal Advocacy
  • Special Bulletins, Compliance Alerts and Emails on Important Industry Matters
  • Membership Directory
  • NORA Representation
  • Membership Meetings, Industry Golf Tournament

Associate Membership:

For companies that service and supply goods to convenience stores and distributors of petroleum, heating oil and propane.

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Major Oil Company Membership:

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General Membership:

For owners and operators of convenience stores and distributors of petroleum, heating oil and propane please call Ellen Valentino, Executive Director of MAPDA @ 1410-349-0808 for further information.